Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Queen for the day.

Some people take great care and attention to detail when anticipating a big day in their world. Say you plan to entertain at your house one weekend. Most would take the time to mow the yard, plant some flowers, clean the house, and make sure the fridge is stocked with drinks and snacks. You may even go so far as to treat yourself to a pedicure. 

I want to be that person. 

The one with pretty toes and flowers. 

And today is a really big bloggy day for me. 

Today I'm the featured SITS Girl. SITS is a community of over 10,000 women bloggers led by a fierce group of ladies who know all there is to know about bloggy business. So truly, it is no exaggeration to say being featured is much like being Queen of the Blogosphere for the day {and yes, that's Blogosphere with a capital "B" - it's that big}. 

So you'd think, knowing I'd be Queen for the day, I'd splurge on the flowers and pedicure, right?! 

You'd think. 

Or at least write a witty post enticing everyone who visits to subscribe to my RSS feed and remain a loyal reader until death do us part?! 

I actually did try that last bit, but it wasn't really witty and apparently the mere act of you clicking on this page is insufficient to contractually bind you to read my blog every day.

So instead of going to a lot of fuss for the legion of 10,000 women bloggers who may step through the door of my virtual home, I simply offer . . . my warmest WELCOME! 

And please, now that you're here, don't feel shy about snooping - go ahead and peek in my closet or under my bed. 

Truly, you'll never know what you'll find. 

For those who prefer a tour of only the clean rooms, I offer the following:





Truly, though, thank you all for visiting!

Thank you also for your comments, and mostly, for your amazing support!

Women Online

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