Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Dress.

As I mentioned last week, I attended Bloggy Boot Camp in Austin over the weekend. And I realize I promised that I would report back and let you know how it went. But now I'm back and I'm torn. 

Do you really want to know? Do you even care about SEO or would you prefer I carry on with my photos of dogs wearing trench coats?! Hmm, don't answer that.  

The bottom line is this: I am simply not a blogger that blogs about blogging. I will remain true to my brand of whimsy and, instead of listing the countless reasons I should be on Twitter, will introduce you to Riley who accompanied me to the bloggy conference.

Riley, friends.  Friends, I am pleased to introduce you to Riley.

Isn't she adorable?!

Yes, Riley is a dress. But not just any dress. Riley is the perfect ALL DAY dress by Lesley Evers.

And wear her ALL DAY I did. I zipped Riley up at my BFF's house on Saturday morning around 7am. I gave her {my BFF, not the dress} a hug and headed to my bloggy conference. As I bid adieu said BFF and her darling hubby commented that I looked great. I noted I wouldn't dream of walking into a room of 150 strangers without a smashing new dress. I believe in the importance of first impressions.

And first impressions I did make. Not one or two, but at least fifty people asked about Riley. Riley was by far the best ice-breaker $265 could buy! Ladies crossed the crowded room just to meet Riley. Truly, I think they had no interest in me at all; just the dress. Riley, Riley, Riley.

And this being a bloggy conference, the seasoned bloggers asked if I was sponsored by Riley, or rather, by Riley's creator, Lesley Evers.

Me, being a newbie blogger, responded, "say what?!"

Apparently, Riley garnered so much attention that my fellow bloggy buddies insisted that I should receive compensation for wearing Riley so well. Now this is piqued my attention -- if I can get paid to wear cute dresses, please provide further details.*

I had, of course, packed two {or, truth be told, three} additional outfits for the cocktail party following the conference. I did not, however, ever make it back to the room to change. So Riley joined me for dinner and drinks following. After a few cocktails it became clear that those too shy to ask about Riley during the day were quite pleased to make her acquaintance in the evening.

More than a few pictures were snapped {I threw out an elbow and hip and did my best fashionista pose - let's hope those photos never surface}.

I was even asked if I "made" Riley. This was not intended to insult Riley, this is just a crafty bunch of ladies who have no idea my mother's sewing skills fell far, far from the tree.

At 11:00 pm I unzipped Riley {did I mention the darling exposed zipper?!} and cozied up in my bed. ALL DAY dress indeed.

Now I wonder: Can I wear Riley every day? My ego enjoys all the flattery and I cannot bear to think of a day spent in jeans whilst Riley hangs in my closet.

So, Lesley, do you have any extra Rileys, or Dotties, or Kelseys, or Tildas hanging around for this newbie blogger to wear the next time she needs to make a good first impression?

*and no, sadly, I am in no way being compensated for this post, though I am certainly not above it!

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