Monday, October 3, 2011

Now Hiring.

Imagine you were perusing the classifieds and ran across an ad such as this:


Self-motivated, caring, hard-working, borderline psychotic individual to take on the following roles on a volunteer basis: facilities manager, psychologist, CEO, cook, teacher / tutor, housekeeper, computer operator, driver, janitor and laundry machine operator. The ideal candidate will stay on site indefinitely and should dedicate no fewer than 96 hours a week to their responsibilities (on call the remaining 78 hours). Benefits include warm fuzzy feelings and the occasional macaroni necklace.
Would you dare answer it?

Sadly, I don't even think it covers it all.

What about room mom, school volunteer, Sunday school teacher, CFO, accountant, life coach, cheerleader, personal shopper, party planner, and activities coordinator?

My week felt a lot like that -- over utilized and under appreciated. I'm not looking for pity. I chose this life. And I want no other. Almost everyone I know complains about their job from time to time. Why are stay-at-home-moms frowned upon for complaining? Yes, we are blessed to stay at home. I do not disagree, but the job can be disheartened nonetheless.

I don't ever really wonder if it is worth it.

I know it is.

But I do often wonder if anyone who doesn't live it understands what it's worth.

This cute infographic tries to capture the financial value (though I'd argue these numbers are very low and no, I would not deduct those portions I choose to outsource -- I'm still managing the project). 

The real value, however, is so enmeshed in the little people we are guiding through life that it can never be fully recognized.

see crisp original here.

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