Monday, March 21, 2011

An open letter to the Internet.

Dearest Internet, 

You know I adore you. I do. 

And quite honestly, I'm certain you know I cannot live without you. 


But I have to be honest: You are absolutely, positively freaking me out.

You watch me.

You know where I've been.

You even know where I'm going. 

You seem to anticipate my next move.

Or do you simply suggest it based upon my past moves?

I'm not sure.

I am, however, certain of this:  you are quite a savvy little minx.

And, frankly, a little annoying {just being honest here}.

I search for flights to Ft. Lauderdale. Now airline ads greet me at every turn.

I book the kids' ski lessons and rentals at Beaver Creek.  I now see nothing but "Not exactly roughing it" everywhere I turn. Even on my own blog.

You know both what I want and where I'm headed.  

I ordered a large printed canvas. For days every site I visit displays ads for prints on canvas.

I already ordered the print. It's hanging. Shouldn't you know that too!? 

So I spend an hour {or two} dreaming about a new Burberry trench. You need not taunt me by parading my folly around wherever I go. 

I know I don't need a Burberry trench. I was just looking. Stop tempting me further. 

Stop it. 

Before I clear my search history for good. 

Or only use the kids' computer for surfing. 

Or *gasp* stop wasting hours searching for the perfect metallic wedge for summer. 

So that's it, my husband put you up to this didn't he. 

Forever co-dependent, 

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