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In a nutshell: 

I am an attorney by degree but a mother and wife by day. And night. I enjoy sharing little bits and bobs about life, raising children, cooking, shopping, living fully and traveling excessively.

Longer than it needs to be: 

I was trained as a lawyer and worked for years at a large Houston law firm where I met the Hubs. We were young, in love, and enjoyed living on two lawyer incomes. I insisted I would never stay at home. I was resolute. I am a lawyer and will simply hire a nanny. Easy-peasy. Decision made.

That was only one of a hundred times I've regretted saying "never."

When my duo was born I quickly {and without any hesitation} shed my lawyerly suits {they didn't fit anymore anyway} and heels, and began my life as a full-time mom / recovering lawyer.

Clearly the mothering gig suits me better {as do my capris, sandals, and tunics - in the summer months - or my skinnies, boots, and sweaters - in all two of the Texas winter months}.

I never looked back.

But the "recovering" bit of being a recovering lawyer means I have an uncanny desire to put my thoughts into words . . . to make sense of it all. I am clearly not a writer in the traditional sense. I do not have characters or plots invading my thoughts. I just have bits and pieces I want to share.

And so I do.

On these pages I share stories about my family, my children, my friends, and things that make me happy. Or sad. I also share recipes and our family's travel experiences. I don't attempt to make it neatly fit into a blogging niche. It is simply: my life . . . annotated.

If you are new here or simply want additional insight, the following are a few of my favorite posts:





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