Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer bliss.

I'll be the first to admit, it drives me bonkers when people post a zillion photos of their amazing vacation life while I'm sitting at home, having not showered, and hearing alternating bits of Spongebob and my kids arguing in the background. 

I realize it's not the offending poster's fault I'm having a "lazy day" when they post their fabulousness. And I certainly do not begrudge anyone an amazing life or vacation. Truly. 

But sometimes enough is just enough.


But try as I may, I cannot conceive a snarky, witty, or self-deprecating way to portray our summer vacation. I've tried to find an angle. 

A way to . . .  not appear so overtly braggadocios. 

A way to . . . make it appear less than picture-perfect. 

Because, I assure you my life is not generally picture-perfect. 

In fact I hear Spongebob right now. And puh-lease don't get me started on my bathroom remodel.

But, for a couple blissful weeks in June it was . . . nothing less than picture-perfect. 

This view ensured I woke up every day on the right side of the bed. 

Eating dinner on the water's edge and watching the sun set wasn't bad either.

Spending day after day lolling around gorgeous beaches didn't kill me.

Snorkeling our way around Kauai was hardly horrible.

Spotting a few sea turtles and hundreds of humuhumunukunuku─üpua╩╗a did not ruin anyone's day.

Watching our duo surf Hanalei Bay certainly didn't stink. 

Jumping into Queen's Bath was not at all taxing {yes, I did it too}. 

Watching Little Miss Thang do cartwheels on the beach while the sun dipped below the horizon wasn't too annoying {if you don't mind sand in your face, that is}.

Enjoying "take-out" at "home" a couple nights a week was more than just economical; it was absolutely delicious! 

Spending two weeks in paradise with the three people I love most in this world certainly didn't make me want to come home!!!

So, where did you find your picture-perfect this summer?  There's still time!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Best facial sunscreen.

I believe I've finally found the holy grail of daily facial sunscreens. 

It took time. 

And perseverance. 

I've tried more than my fair share. 

And I'm not talking about a good moisturizer with SPF 15. 
That doesn't count as "sunscreen" in my fair-haired {basal cell carcinoma} world.  

This, however, counts as sunscreen: 

Best daily facial sunscreen

EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 with micronized, and the kicker - transparent, zinc oxide. 


I do not have sensitive or particularly acne-prone skin, 
but the consistency of this product is absolutely perfect -- lightweight and quickly absorbed.

My family also uses the EltaMD UV Pure Broad Spectrum SPF 47 for full-body protection. 
It is not so lightweight or quickly absorbed, but it is natural and effective. 
After 14 days in Hawaii we more than tested it's limits. 

Your skin {and dermatologist} will thank me later.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dinner this week.

Well, I'm caving and getting organized this week. I certainly don't want to! But, I haven't done it all summer and will likely not again until late August; so it's hard to complain {doesn't seem to stop me, though, does it?!}. 

My father-in-law arrives today and will be with us all week. While he certainly does not require large meals every night, his arrival provides the motivation I need to throw together a couple decent dinners. I'm not sure if he'd mind popcorn for dinner {the hubs made quite a fuss about this prospect last night, though the kids were quite pleased}, but I suppose I'll try to preserve my perfect wife image just a little longer.   

And yes, I have a short week ahead {thus, only 3 nights of dinners}. Thursday morning I'll dash off for a quick night away with a couple of besties I haven't seen in over a year. 

Knowing that is on the horizon, I'll even up my game a bit with a batch of homemade ice cream for dessert tonight.  

Perfect wife, indeed!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lessons in Life from Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Social media slump.

While relaxing in paradise, I had a few quiet moments to ponder my social media affliction. See, as it is, I have no point in having a blog. 

Absolutely no goal. 

I am not trying to generate income or score a book deal. I simply enjoy sharing bits and pieces. Before Pinterest it was a wonderful way to share Internet finds or recipes. Of course, now I can just "pin it." 

And Little Miss Thang is now absolutely mortified every time I pull out my phone. "Are you posting this to Instagram?" she immediately asks.

What am I teaching her about social media and life? 

So, I'm grappling . . . with it all. 

Maybe I'm teaching her how to use on your own terms and, perchance, responsibly?!  


I do still talk to my family after all. 

We have not gone to tweeting or texting each other  . . .  just yet. 

And we spent an amazing amount of time together over the past couple weeks. I may have posted a few pics, but I was otherwise off the social media radar entirely.

And I didn't miss it a bit. 

Maybe that's exactly what I needed to discover:  
I can have a somewhat active social media presence without needing to have an active social media presence. 
And I suppose that's what I want for my kids too. 

It is inevitable that they will have an avid social media life. I hope, though, that I can teach them to make responsible choices in what they do and do not post. I also hope I model the behavior I expect from them -- namely, not  putting digital socializing above a face to face socializing.

Because, right now, I'm enjoying my real life a bit too much to allow much time for a social media life. 

Ebbs and flows, I suppose, just like many other relationships. 

For now, I promise nothing other than remaining horribly inconsistent with posts. But I leave you with this interesting infographic depicting how teens view their digital lives from Common Sense Media.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Spiral cut your dog.

The Internet is full of useful information.

Today: how to properly grill a hot dog - spiral cut. 

This may not seem like extremely useful to you, but if you'd seen the hot dogs coming off our grill on Wednesday you too would want to preserve this helpful hint.  

No more shriveled or charred dogs at our house!  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July breakfast.

No, I'm not entirely obsessed with food.

Okay, maybe just a little obsessed.

But breakfast is a favorite meal in our house, and I just found the perfect breakfast for the 4th!

via i am baker

Am I getting anyone in a patriotic mood??

Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July meal planning.

I am a huge fan of the 4th of July. 


It's a day of celebration in my house, and the cause for celebration is twofold:
First, I was raised by a father who served in two wars and was ultimately wounded in combat. As a result, I do not take our freedom for granted. I have seen firsthand the wounds of war and understand our freedom is far from free.   
Second, the 4th of July was my father's birthday. I will forever celebrate him for himself, and for being the most influential person in my life. Then and now. 
So, despite the fact that I'm suffering from a bit of jet lag {the kids are still asleep and it's after noon), I'm beginning to plan our meal for the 4th. I'm thinking an early dinner poolside with friends. Followed by fireworks over the bay. 

It's shaping up to be a grand celebration! 

Just as it should be!

photos via Pinterest
Limited edition patriotic champagne - No celebration would be complete without a little bubbly.  And Chandon has won me over with their cute summer bottle!

Yummy Mummy's patriotic salad - Quinoa, greens, and fresh berries - what a beautiful, and healthy alternative to traditional potato salad.

Blueberry, strawberry & jicama salsa - A refreshing and appropriately colored substitute for our regular salsa.

Lemon dill chicken skewers - Easy, quick, and the perfect compliment to this light meal.

I'll top all this off with brownies, individually wrapped in parchment and topped with red, white, and blue bows, which we will enjoy as we wait for the fireworks to begin!

Happy 4th to you all!

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