Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Texts from Hillary.

We all have those friends -- you know, the one who always knows whether or not J. Lo is currently married, the actual name of the future Mrs. Alec Baldwin {hint: it's not yoga chick}, the exact dance moves to every video ever made, and all the words to Katy Perry's latest hit {I don't even know the name}. She is a wealth of random/useless knowledge and somehow also manages to stay abreast of affairs in the Middle East. I find her a tad annoying for her mental acuity. I also call her one of my very best friends. 

Today over coffee we were chatting about important political matters fingernail polish colors and I asked if she'd seen the Texts from Hillary Tumblr site. I was aghast when she not only replied "no" but then asked what Tumblr was anyway. Finally, may days of toiling away on this computer made me proud. I explained Tumblr and then racked my brain for an example of the witty repartee on Texts from Hillary. 


Finally, sensing my diminished brain capacity and ensuing panic, she quickly came up with her own "text from Hillary" having never even seen the site. 

Thunder stolen. 

I'd blame it on twin-brain {a well-documented medical condition of mother's of twins in which they lose all mental sharpness or recall after suffering through those first three years}, but she has twins too. And another. 

Ha - it was law school that zapped my mental prowess! Yes, she did that too. 

Obviously then, she just has more time to stay on top of current events, pop-culture, and dance moves?! Negative. Her schedule generally makes mine look like a walk in the park. I nap after hearing about her day. 

So suffice to say, today is the day I admit that I am slowing but surely losing the power of what was previously called "the steel trap." 

This is not, however, a pity party or a request for "ohh, no, Amy, you are so smart comments" {truly - the fact that I'm still awesome at Sudoku is reward enough}. 

Instead, I am ready to simply call a spade a spade: 

1.   I am much better at writing than I am at speaking. It's that simple. I need time to think, to Google that which I cannot recall, and to edit and correct. I will never refer to myself as "a writer", but I do think I sound much better in my head than I do in real life. 

2.  My blog is really just a gigantic collection of personal bookmarks so I don't forget the day Little Miss Thang lost her first tooth, how to make my favorite homemade salad dressing, a friendship bracelet, or tie a scarf. All such information is now easily accessible wherever I may be. Because clearly the steel trap can no longer be trusted. 

So, C, four hours after our post-workout coffee, here's that funny bit I was trying to tell you about: 

all via Texts from Hillary


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