Monday, May 21, 2012

Music break.

Little Miss Thang may be mortified I'm posting this for all to see, but I think she is so amazing that all the world should see.

I cannot carry a tune in a bucket and haven't played a musical instrument since piano at age 12 {though only because my parents sold the piano when it was too expensive to move cross-country. clearly my musical abilities, as they were, did not warrant the expense}.

So indulge me as I brag on my darling girl.

Minuet No. 2 by J.S. Bach as performed by Little Miss Thang.

Amazing, right!?  
{yes, that is indeed a rhetorical question.}

Do your children play a musical instrument? Are you a nervous wreck at recitals like me or do you stay cool as a cucumber? I swear I'm more nervous now when my children take the stage than I ever was during my own performances. 

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