Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome Tooth Fairy!

Wow. We lost our 1st baby tooth tonight. It has been lose for months. Tonight I just grabbed it and felt a tear. Oops – guess it’s time. One more good pull and it was in my hand. My sweet, darling little girl’s tooth, in my hand.

I always tell my children I knit them together in my body. I like them to think about me lovingly creating them from nothing. Kaden often corrects me and says that God created them. Well, yes, but it all happened inside my body. Amazing.

Livi losing her first tooth reminded me of this — they have grown from tiny shrimp-like creatures in my uterus to children who talk fresh and LOSE TEETH. This to me is the beginning of the end. It nearly brings me to tears. No more sweet babies. No more darling smiles with sweet baby teeth. They are big. BIG. And will soon have awkward big tooth smiles to boot.
So tonight the tooth fairy will arrive, sprinkle her magic fairy dust and leave a little something special for my little miss thang. In the morning Livi will awake and anxiously look at the resulting fairy dust and discover the shiny gold coin in her tooth fairy pillow. I am certain she will squeal. I am certain she will jump up and down. We will all have to go see the fairy dust and gold coin. She will be elated. I may shed a tear or two, but the innocence in her excitement will be my own reward.

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