Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is quickly approaching. And sometimes the hubs and kids need a few gift suggestions. 

Who am I to deny them that. 

And if I don't, I'm pretty sure I'll end up with a ping pong table {for the 400th time - we don't have an appropriate place to store it or keep it covered!}.

Mother's Day 2012

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A {not so private} side-note to the Hubs
: No, I do not want everything pictured herein. I was perplexed flattered when you purchased nearly everything from my Christmas idea board {ahem - except the most important part - the trip for two to Paris}. Options, honey. Consider them options, not a shopping list! This is a blog. I make it lavish and pretty for effect. And P.S., I already own the shoes. 

So, what's on your Mother's Day wish list? 

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