Thursday, May 17, 2012

I was a #SeniorHottie: Then and Now

Last summer I participated in #SeniorHottie link-up

I think it was my first time. 

To participate in a blog linky, that is. 

And while it was a tad humiliating, it was also quite amusing and, strangely, one of my most visited posts of the year. Seriously, people, this is what you want from me -- hideous 80s pictures?! 

The tribe has spoken. 


There is a lot to be said about 80s hair. Truly, between hair and techno dance music, there is little else to say about the 80s. But my senior year was 1988-1989. It was the end of the era. And my hair and clothing were beginning the transition from 80s to 90s right before my unsuspecting eyes.

Witness: Straight hair and no shoulder pads. Leading edge at the time. Sadly though, I'm certain that is my {college} boyfriend's shirt I'm wearing. 

Oh, my poor, poor father. 

Clearly, I was progressing away from the crazy 80s hair. My bangs in the picture above are not even noteworthy. Tame, even. But ladies and gents, that was just my day look. I pulled out all the stops {and pink foam rollers} for my evening look. 

Classy. I'm pretty certain I'm implementing a banana clip in this evening photo. Classic 80s hair move to increase maximum volume. 

And yes, we are in a limo. It's the 80s. In Texas. It was nothing if not a time for excess. Besides, if we are willing to spend $100+ on a homecoming mum we are certainly not going to pinch pennies when it comes to transportation to the dance. 

As I said: oh, my poor, poor father.

Contrast those 80s gems with my current day looks.

Cashmere and fur: just another day in the vineyards. 

I may have thrown out the pink foam rollers in favor of a softer look, but truly, getting dressed up and driving around in a limo is something that should not be wasted on our youth. 

Oh, my poor, poor husband.

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