Friday, May 11, 2012

I can't say that!

In the past few days, my kids have said or we have shared at least three memorable and blog-worthy comments / moments. They were side-splitting. And I instantly thought I should share them.

You would laugh.

You would comment.

You would undoubtedly come back wanting more. 

But here's the thing: they are not my stories. They belong to Boy Genius and Little Miss Thang. And one day {soon} I must also remove "Little" from her alias as I did when I promoted My Little Guy to Boy Genius. They are not, in fact, entirely little any more.

Stories of truly little guys and little thangs can be shared without guilt. I do not think it improper to share baby and toddler stories. It is funny stuff. And they are hard times. We all need a little perspective and humor to get through those years. 

But I'm through those years. We officially entered tweendom. And tweens, I'm learning, grow and change and morph into little people right before your eyes. They don't ask permission. There is no little warning. It just happens.

I swear they were just toddlers - like - yesterday.

Clich√©, I know. 

But what I've realized during the past few months when my blogging has painfully dwindled to the point it is hard to say "I blog" without snickering is this: My maternal extinct to protect my children is stronger than my desire to make you laugh.

I do not post tidbits or stories that are truly embarrassing to my children. I have deleted more than one post after realizing it was too personal to share. Nonetheless, they occasionally ask: are you going to post that on your blog? You must imagine a crumpled face when you read that question. "No" is clearly the desired response. Which makes me realize that while it may be an innocuous fact or story; they no longer see it as such.

I never used aliases for my kids because I feared one of you would know their name and somehow use that elusive bit of information to snatch them from me. I simply do not want them to have a Google profile before they reach puberty.

It will all happen soon enough.

Puberty and the Google profile.

So why am I justifying my choices to you? Clearly I blog about whatever suits my fancy. I'm nothing if not inconsistent.

I suppose, as with most I write, I write this more for me than for you.

I needed to put it in writing.

I need to remind myself that I can still share my brand of whimsy: eating, living, laughing, and shopping.

Maybe the living will be more my own antics instead of the kids'.

Of course, I rarely have antics worth sharing let alone laughing about.

So maybe the blog should heretofore be called: Amy eats and shops.

That I most certainly do well and often!

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