Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I was a #SeniorHottie!

Official graduation photo proudly mailed to hundreds of friends and relatives.
The top ten reasons you are insanely jealous of the 1989 Amy:
  1. You never owned a sweater with functional shutters. 
  2. You were not able to find and/or accomodate the x-large clip-onto-your-bra shoulder pads, thus ensuring your stylish and broad shouldered appearance in each and every outfit. 
  3. You did not have the modeling experience required to pull off the "talk on the phone" pose with such style and finesse. 
  4. You never used the small pink sponge rollers to ensure maximum curl retention {hot rollers were for rookies}. 
  5. Your bangs would not do the Texas two step -- half curled under and half standing on end. 
  6. No one has ever pulled out a white folding chair for you and asked you to strike a pose. 
  7. Your bangs did not extend more than four inches about your forehead.
  8. You did not just realize that your "natural" hair color is not near as blonde as you remember it. 
  9. You were never bold enough to be photographed wearing a sweater displaying a pig. With a three dimensional ear.
  10. And clearly, because I was a SENIOR HOTTIE!
Amy and her parents, graduation day 1989
{note the graduation picture above is proudly displayed on the very 1980s mantel.} 

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