Friday, July 15, 2011

Heretofore: Boy Genius

A few days ago the following conversation ensued while we were in the pool:
My Little Guy:  "Mom, is 50 divided by 2, divided by 2 equal 12.5?
{long pause while I think struggle to do simple math in my head}
Me:  "Yes." {said with a quizzical expression}
My Little Guy:  "That's what I told Little Miss Thang but she said I was wrong."
Me:  Speechless.
My Little Guy has barely learned multiplication. We have not begun division. And I know this is not the most complicated of problems, but work with me here -- he even figured out that when you divide 2 into an odd number you get a half number. That is not second grade work, folks. 

And I've been struggling with referring to him as My Little Guy given that he is no longer "little" by most standards {we nearly have the same size foot}!

So, My Little Guy shall heretofore be known as Boy Genius. 

Little Miss Thang, however, continues to demonstrate that her alias fits like a glove! A cashmere glove no less. 

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