Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dinner this week.

I'd like to pat myself on the back and say "things have gone very well with my staying organized / meal planning goal for the year." 

I'd like to. 

I've been doing well for weeks now.  


But I fear the wheels are falling off this week. 

Of course, it's for a good cause. Tonight I have dinner plans with a girlfriend and that falls under my goal of socializing more with friends. And Wednesday night the hubs and I will have a mini-date night which clearly qualifies as making semi-monthly date nights a reality!

So the problem really is that my goals are somewhat mutual exclusive. I cannot plan every meal, keep an organized home and also be flexible enough to eat out when a friend calls. How in the world can I plan ahead of schedule when the schedule is constantly changing?!? 

Do you feel my pain?

Regardless, I'm going to stick to my planning and shopping only once a week guns. And here's what on tap for this week / weekend.
all photos via Pinterest
1. Daniel Boulud's chicken lasagna - I really want to try this, though I am very loyal to another classic lasagna recipe from Giada De Laurentiis. We'll see. This week I may work on my goal of entertaining more, in which case I'd go with the tried and true.

2. Crispy Chicken with Creamy Italian Sauce - I make many variations of this dish. This is exactly what my kids want for dinner every night. 

3. Flatbread Pizza with Arugula & Prosciutto - An amazingly easy and crowd-pleasing dinner concept.  Naan flatbreads and a variety of toppings. I have some yummy Farmer's Market arugula that will make this absolutely amazing. And seriously, it only takes 5 minutes. 

4. Parmesan crusted tilapia - I listed this weeks ago but never made it. We have fresh fish {albeit currently frozen} just begging to be cooked. This weekend. 

As for last week's fare, I'll give you a quick recap:

1. Pasta carbonara - comfort food - I love it every single time. 2. Lemon orzo with grape tomatoes and asparagus - this was dropped from the menu in favor of the hubs cooking on his new Big Green Egg. 3. Mozzarella, tomato & pesto grilled cheese - yummy, yummy, yummy.  4. Caramelized brussel sprouts with pancetta - meh. I love roasted brussel sprouts when they are all crisp and tender. I loved these less.  5. Ina's baked lemon chicken - This will now be a staple in my kitchen. It was simple, delicious and made great leftovers!  

So, what's for dinner this week at your house?

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