Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dinner this week.

I think it fitting that I comment on the dinners from last week in case you are curious, or hungry, or wondering if I just make all this stuff up.

I did indeed make all four of the dinners pictured.  Scout's honor.

Here are my thoughts on each:

1. Pasta orecchiette with chicken sausage - This was fabulous, easy and even the kids enjoyed it {minus the pesto on their portions}. 

2. Shredded chicken tacos - I didn't end up actually doing the shredded chicken part. We just had rotisserie chicken tacos. It was my easy quick and that's what I needed last Wednesday {actually ever Wednesday} night.

3. Easy penne with balsamic sweet potatoes, arugula and parmesan - Yummy.  I adored the balsamic glazed sweet potatoes. Adored them so much in fact that I found myself standing over the skillet "sampling" about ten bites before determining they were perfectly cooked.  Don't judge until you've tried them. Added in with the peppery arugula and salty parmesan and it was a fabulous pasta dish. A lovely deviation from our norm. 

4. Fig-prosciutto pizza - Epic failure. We've never done a homemade pizza before. Suffice to say, we* will perfect our crust before inviting any friends over for a pizza-making party. I do not blame the recipe. We* just had crust issues. And a soggy-woggy crust pretty much ruins the pizza. That and I think my husband thought I was crazy with my fig spread on pizza. The toppings were delicious, though, in my opinion. The combination of the fig spread, arugula, and prosciutto - inspired. Eating it on all on top of a soggy, undercooked crust - depressing. 

*when I say "we", I really mean "the Hubs".  {xoxo honey!}

Moving on.

Here is my idea board for our dinners this week:  
all images via Pinterst
1. Pasta carbonara - one of my all-time favs, 2. Lemon orzo with grape tomatoes and asparagus - simple and light, 3. Mozzarella, tomato & pesto grilled cheese - because I have leftover pesto and kids can have regular grilled cheese - probably our Wednesday night dinner, 4. Caramelized brussel sprouts with pancetta - served with leftover chicken, 5. Ina's baked lemon chicken - I'll make lots of this so we'll have leftover chicken to get us through the week.  

So, what's for dinner this week at your house?

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