Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting dressed should be a no brainer!

Darling Hayley from The Tiny Twig recently sent me a copy of her ebook, The No Brainer Wardrobe, to review. 

I was happy to oblige. By no means do I fancy myself a fashion maven of any sorts. Far from it, in fact. But I do love clothes. And I generally love getting dressed. Always have. When I was in high school I kept a clothes calendar.

Yes, seriously. 

{stop mocking me} 

I would mark what I wore every single day. This was partly motivated by my fear of repeating too frequently {2 weeks minimum which required a lot creativity given my limited high school wardrobe}, but also so I would remember what I wore with what. Curating the combo is often initially daunting. I never wanted to forget what worked. And thus, my clothes calendar worked like a charm. 

Sometimes I wonder why I ever stopped. Hayley's book reminded me of the wisdom in that practice. And so much more. 

The No Brainer Wardrobe is for every woman who has ever stood in a full closet and exclaimed: I have nothing to wear! It truly does get to the nuts and bolts of what makes you feel good, and thus, look good. 

I love how Hayley sums it up here:
There is something about a woman’s confidence that makes her more beautiful and more approachable at the same time. . . . As important as confidence is contentment. There are seasons in life, and maybe this season doesn’t afford you a lavish wardrobe budget. . . . Creativity and a bit of time is all you need to put together a bevy of attractive and of the moment outfits.
So true!

Hayley even suggest turning to Pinterest to help you discern your style. We've all pinned a few cute outfits for inspiration. Here are a few of my "style" pins. 
all images via Pinterest
The No Brainer Wardrobe reminded me that "classic" truly is my style.  I need not be worry about every little trend - it simply isn't my look.

From this board, it appears jeans and t-shirts are my look.

Luckily, Hayley has an entire chapter on "How to Make Jeans & T-Shirts an Outfit."  

Truly, it is a lovely little book {80 pages of content} which will make you reexamine your closet, your style, your shape, and your budget.

Hayley says it perfectly:
It really is about realizing that looking perfect everyday isn’t the aim. Looking good and put together, feeling proud and confident–now that is what it’s about. You don’t have to spend a fortune; you don’t have to spend an eternity. You just need to let go of a few preconceived ideas that you’ve probably carried with you without even knowing it. 
The No Brainer Wardrobe is only $7.99 -- a wise investment if you generally take more than five minutes deciding what to wear. As a *BONUS* the first 10 readers to download a copy receive it at 50% off that price!  Just enter the code eatlivelaughshop at checkout!


*I did receive a free ebook for review, but all opinions are entirely my own.*

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