Thursday, January 19, 2012

Belly up to the bar!

You may remember last year I shared my top five beauty products. The #1 product on that list was Savon de Marseille pure olive oil soaps!

Maybe you did not care then and still do not care now. But if your interest was piqued or if your skin is scaly and dry, I thought you should know French Soaps is currently running a special -- 3 lbs of Savon de Marseille for only $14.99 (50% off) *plus* a free wire cutter.  

The bars, when purchased in this quantity, are quite long and individual bars are simply cut as needed. I love being able to cut little hotel size bars for my house guests so they have a fresh bar every time! 

Truly a wonderful, natural, biodegradable soap. And, for our family, three pounds of soap lasts about a year. Or more. 

I was provided absolutely no compensation or perk for sharing this information. I just love sharing a good deal with friends {or completely strangers who find themselves here}. 

Happy Weekend!!

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