Sunday, July 17, 2011

Virtual home page. offers a supremely easy, intuitive and free way to design and launch your very own home page. 

To get started, type in an e-mail address, a user name, and a password. Your home page appears right away. And then the fun really begins: You can upload images; select backgrounds, layouts, colors, and fonts; connect up to four feeds; and link to various social-media outlets. 

For a small fee ($20 a year) you get more fonts and layout options to play with, lets you connect any number of feeds, and provides you with your own URL. For me, the freebie version works just fine. 

After playing around for five minutes I had this: 

You can check it out at It's already changed a bit since this screen shot! 

My own virtual home page. I'll, of course, tweak it a bit when I decide how exactly I'm going to utilize it. But from this landing page you can link to my Twitter stream, my blog, my personal Facebook {if we're friends, that is} and my blog Facebook page {all welcome}. I think it is an excellent way to aggregate all social media outlets in one visually-pleasing location! 

The options are limitless (if you are willing to pay the $20/year fee). If you want to enjoy the free version, you can only link to five feeds. A bit limiting for many of you social media mavens, I realize. 

How else can you see using this as a personal or business landing page of sorts? 

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