Thursday, July 7, 2011

Emailing our way to happily ever after.

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The year was 2000. Y2K was safely behind us and surprisingly the sky did not fall. Computers were becoming more and more entrenched in every day life. I did own a mobile phone, but I imagine my calling plan allowed only 200 minutes / month which was more than sufficient. I certainly did not text. If that was even an option. But I did email. 

I emailed a lot in summer of 2000. 

Quite a lot. 

You see, my now hubs {but then colleague} worked for the same law firm in Houston. The firm occupied 12 floors of a downtown building. So while we, in theory, worked at the same office, we rarely saw each other. During the summer of 2000 a romance was brewing and the distance of a few floors was certainly not going to stop us! Nor would the anti-nepotism policy or our nosy secretaries as it turns out. 

But we couldn't just sit and flirt on the phone all day. We were private. And discreet. Or so we thought. So instead of face-to-face flirtations or long phone dalliances, we emailed. 

A lot. 

It went something like this:

{him} I'm thinking about heading over to the Four Season's {just across the street}, laying by the pool and ordering a pitcher of margaritas. 

{me} are you telling or asking?

{him} just telling, but if you're thirsty . . .

{me} well, a pitcher sounds like an awful lot for you to drink all by yourself.

{him} who said I'd be alone?!

{me} you will be now.

{him} just kidding. please join me. 

{me} but I have to work. 

{him} boo.

{me} and I don't exactly have a swimsuit in my briefcase.

{him} even better. 

The little *bing* notifying me of an incoming email would make my heart flutter each and every time. The anticipation. The unabashed joy of seeing his name in my preview pane. It still makes me giggle. 

By the summer of 2001 we were married. Our little email romance blossomed and turned into our very own happily ever after! Of course, we still email each other quite a bit during the day. We probably still email each other more than we text each other. Maybe because we started that way. Or maybe we both spend too much time in front of our computers. 

Regardless, now it goes something like this:

{me} the kids are driving me crazy today. when will you be home?!?

{him} I'm swamped. I'll call you when I can take a break. 

{me} that did not answer the question: when are you coming home??

{him} running into a meeting.

{me} you are avoiding me. and your children.

{him} can't hear you now. in a meeting. 

{me} liar.  

Or like this:

{me} please stop at the store and pick up tampons and bananas. 

{him} seriously?!?

{me} yes, we do indeed need both. 

{him} ummm, I think I'll work late tonight. 

Of course, now he also receives emails from the kids and pictures from us on the go. Email has evolved right along with our relationship . . . it just keeps getting better and better!

Go check out what Yahoo! Mail is doing to make email evolve right along with you.

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