Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rockin' the babies!

Last month I shared my baby bump. This month I share the results of said bump. 

Literally, 30 minutes after the bump photo I saw this: 

Of course they were quickly whisked away to the NICU because they were bitty babies. 

 My Little Guy was 5lb. even.  

Little Miss Thang was 4lbs. 8 oz.

Both of them: absolute baby perfection. 

And yes, as everyone with twins will admit: It was a little hairy at first. 

But isn't it like that for every new mom?!

And besides, for me having two babies was an amazing blessing.

You see when you don't make babies the old fashioned 
way, you get a bit anxious {to say the least}.  

You want a baby.  

You need a baby. 

To feel whole again. 

To feel like your body can do what it was created to do.

I needed a baby the same way I need my right arm. 

It was critical. 


And to get two-for-one!

Well, that was a blessing of ginormous proportions.

I absolutely fell to my knees and thanked God the 
moment I heard the news: you are expecting twins. 

Finding out they were boy-girl twins was just the icing on the cake.  

Of course, shortly thereafter they turned into the baby mafia. 

I'm convinced that they understood at a very young age 
the importance of strength in numbers. 

And I was clearly outnumbered. 

Making me chase them up the stairs with messy faces. 

Climbing on unstable old swings.

Hiding from me at the playground. 

But really, when you have two little faces as cute as this . . . 

Well, as you can imagine I've been positively smitten since day one.

Thanks, Shell, for hosting another great excuse to pour over some old pics!

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