Monday, July 25, 2011

Keeping kids on The Safe Side.

Recently in our community there have been a few reported cases of children escaping from a child predator in very child-friendly, otherwise safe environments. The type of places I generally let my children run free.

The most recent event  took place at a history and science museum. My kids think they own that  place we visit so often. And I've never once felt unsafe. The second recent event occurred in a boys' restroom of a bookstore. Which makes my stomach hurt. I cannot accompany my son into the boys' restroom and he is certainly too old to come with me into the woman's. 

It creates a conundrum for me: I simply cannot be with or have my eyes on my children every second of every day. So what can I do to keep them safe. 

That is, short of bubble wrapping them and locking them in the house. 

Which I have clearly considered.
So much is out of my control, but what I can do is educate them.

Years ago I purchased The Safe Side DVD created by John Walsh (missing children advocate) and Julie Clark (Baby Einstein creator).  

It  sets super bright lines that kids can clearly understand. It is quite funny and goofy and immediately engages them. We used to watch it often -- at their request. But I realized yesterday we haven't watched it in years. I've dusted off our copy and will put it in this afternoon. 

Just for a refresher.  

Because if there is one thing I want for my kids -- it's living on the safe side!!

If you've never seen the DVD check out this clip or  visit their website The Safe Side. If you don't own the DVD, buy it now. It will be the one video you will gladly let them watch over and over and over again!

What steps do you take / rules do you have for keeping your children safe from all the creeps in the world?

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