Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Hubs!

Today is the hub's 40th birthday. 

He likes to say he married an older woman. 
93 days older to be exact. 
But who's counting?! 

He is my rock.
My constant. 
My friend. 
And the first love of my life.

He's been with me through the worst of times
And the best of times. 

From the very moment our duo entered our lives, I gained a newfound respect for him. 
Instantly, almost magically, he morphed into exactly what 
I wanted needed my husband to be as a father 
{which means he is as good a dad as my dad}. 
And let the record reflect: my standards are very, very high. 

But he continually makes the mark. 

He reads bedtime stories. 

And shares his newspaper with precocious little girls.

He and the Little Guy check out the chicks on the beach. 

He ensures the Little Guy is properly dressed for game day.

And takes care of a sick little guy. 

He shops with us and innocently says: "We don't normally 
spend that much money on their clothes, right?" 
No, honey, of course we don't. 

He willingly takes on the role of "family clown."

  He gives motivational speeches when circumstances warrant intervention. 

 He comes with me for drop-off on the first day of Kinder. 
Because he knows I'll be the one crying. 

 He spends countless hours in the middle of the lake . 

He coaches the kids' sports.

 He brings flowers to his girls. 

He relishes in our silly family jokes.

He carves pumpkins to exacting specifications. 

He is supportive and loving but pushes us all. 

He puts his family first and always has our backs. 

And through it all he always makes time for his first best girl.

So, here's to you babe!  

Happy Birthday!

And here's to spending the next forty together!


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