Monday, April 4, 2011

Riley's new friends.

There is truly nothing that puts a smile on my face like a new Spring dress. 

I know.  I know. 

I should probably say "nothing puts a smile on my face like seeing my darling children each morning." 

And I might utter those words if I were wearing a new Spring dress. 

Because everything is better when I have a new dress into which I can effortlessly slip.

And I do not say this in jest. I honestly love dresses.

I adore the instant chic and put-together look they provide.

I can use all the help I can get and Lesley Evers has done it again. 

Her new Spring line launched this morning. 

Here are a couple exclusive shots of a couple darling new prints:

I own Tilda in Red Sateen. Believe me when I say this dress has a gorgeous 
and very flattering cut. People ask if if I've lost weight every time I wear it. 
Hmm, do I need to lose weight or do I otherwise just dress like a slob? 
Please don't answer that. 

Grace and I have yet to meet in person. I, of course, plan to rectify
that situation straight away!  

And yes, I own a pink cruiser. With a basket!  

So don't mind me if you see my cruising down Ocean wearing my 

Of course I'll have two kids behind me screaming: 

"Mom, he tried to cut me off." 

"Mom, she nearly knocked me into the curb." 



Well, I'll still look effortlessly chic
{even if it is taking every fiber of my being to maintain my a smile}!  

Check out Lesley's entire Spring line
{which also includes darling skirts and tunics starting at $125}!

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