Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day.


The word alone can bring tears to my eyes. 

I was one lucky little girl. 

This photo captures the quintessential spirit and demeanor of my Dad. 

Daddy and me, circa 1971


Never taking a bit of attention for himself but focusing instead on others.

He looked at me with this exact proud smile throughout his life. 
 There were a few incidents that may have brought on another 
look -- the stern look of disappointment -- but this 
gentle smile was certainly the mainstay.

Here's to my dad and all the dads out there who change diapers, 
stay up at night with puking kids, help with breakfast or lunch or dinner, 
coach sports teams, help with homework, play mind-numbing games of Candyland, 
and generally go above and beyond the role of traditional father.

For all the sleepless nights I caused, I am sorry. 
 For your amazing and unconditional love and support, I remain eternally grateful.

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