Monday, April 11, 2011

Dog art.

If you visit this little corner of the blogosphere with any regularity you know I love my dogs. So it certainly cannot surprise you to find I've spent considerable time contemplating doggie portraits {stop laughing - I am quite serious}. 

When I ran across these stunning dog portraits I stopped in my tracks. Not only would it look great in my house {or any house for that matter}, but don't you think my sweet doxies would make an amazing collage?!

The artist is Sam Price and his portraits "are created by cutting and assembling a number of photographs (primarily from recycled magazines) onto a canvas fixed with a glue emulsion. This process can be defined as collage or more specifically, photomontage."

Photomontage. I think I tried something like that in my high school memory book. This, however, is much, much cooler! 

all images via
Don't you think they strike just the perfect balance between art and pet portraiture?!

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