Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Twin emails.

They may have shared a womb, but that is where the similarities begin and end. 

I once shared that I created Gmail accounts for my duo so I could easily send them notes from time to time. Things I would not remember to write down in their baby books. Those fleeting moments - equal parts precious and rare - that we so easily forget when when we are in the grind of everyday life. 

I opened their accounts in 2007 when they were only 4. I didn't have a plan for sharing this treasure trove with them. I just hoped I would know when the time was right. 

And apparently this week the time was right. I configured their Gmail accounts to feed into Mail on their Mac Book. I told them they could now read their emails and send emails to anyone in their address book {me, the hubs, nana and grandad for now}. 

I walked away allowing them a bit of privacy to relish in all the joyous little morsels I'd shared over the past four years. 

I just couldn't wait to see what they'd say. 

So I waited. And waited. 

Ultimately they didn't "say" anything, but I received an email back from each of them that pretty much says it all. 

I was amazed by the dissimilarity of their reactions! And equally perplexed by Little Miss Thang's apology for biting me?!?

But isn't it interesting that they both chose to respond to me via email? I suppose I set the stage for that. 

I should be thankful they didn't write on my Facebook wall, text or tweet me. 

It's only a matter of time before these smart little thangs figure out they too can blog.  

Lord, help me then!

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