Friday, October 8, 2010

You've got mail.

As my children pass through the many stages of life I have always made an effort to record my thoughts in some form or fashion. For the first year or so I used their baby books as a way to record milestones, memories and, of course, the obligatory lock of hair. As time progressed, however, I stopped jotting down notes consistently. I lost track of some of the priceless comments that came out of my duo's mouths. It all just happened so fast. I was right there in the midst of it, but yet, could not absorb the very details I wanted to preserve forever.  The fleeting moments.  The precious words. The pronunciations you think you will never forget, but yet, you do. Moments like that make life so sweet but yet fade from our memories as we fill them with soccer practice, ballet rehearsals, homework and the busyness that comes as they transition from toddler to school-aged.

The idea of keeping a journal was always enticing to me but also intimidating. Sadly, my memory is not what it used to be. When little miss thang makes a precious comment on the way home from preschool, I need to record it immediately. I cannot wait for quiet time to reflect and journal. Too often, that time simply doesn't come and the precise words fade from my consciousness.

A few years back I solved this conundrum by creating Gmail accounts for  my duo. I do always seem to have technology at hand -- whether on vacation, on the road or even right after I tuck them in bed (which is when so many of the jewels seem to spill forth). As soon as the urges strikes, I simply shoot off a quick email. I don't spend tons of time framing the setting, editing or describing every detail. I just record the thought. The phrase. The funny memory. Their Gmail accounts are now filled with random and funny tidbits. Occasionally I also sit down and spend a few moments typing a longer, more meaningful email to express how wonderfully blessed I am to be the mother of such wonderful human beings. But lots of times, I jump up from the dinner table to ensure I can record the exact verbiage of the prayer asking "God, please let our dogs be the best dogs they can be, and let Daddy stop being so silly." Or when my little guy told me he didn't want a nightlight anymore "because he wanted to save electricity." At age 4. Precious moments. Preserved.

They are both aware of their accounts and have used them on rare occasions. They have not, however, been allowed to open the emails from me or their dad. I'm not certain when they will obtain unfettered access to those accounts. Not yet. I hope I will simply know when the time is right. Maybe it will be on a particularly discouraging day. When someone needs to know how often I think about him or her or how fiercely I love them. I don't know. But, I do know it is there for them. When they need it.

Let's just hope Google continues to rule the world and does not disappoint me!

What do you do to preserve your family's memories?


Katie Lane said...

I love love love this idea!! Thanks so much for sharing it, I'm totally going to steal :)

Janet said...

I love this idea! What a wonderful way to preserve those little memories. (And I love the prayer about dogs being the best dogs they can be!)

From your SITS tribe!

Connie said...

This is a great idea!

We set up .mac accounts for our kids once we knew what their names were going to be. this would be the prefect way for me to keep track!

So happy that I'm in your tribe...because I think I love you!

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

Thanks, ladies! That is the point: sharing great ideas!!

And, thanks, Connie W. I can always use some love!!!

~ Amy

Rachel said...

That is an absolutely awesome idea! Wow, so creative. They'll love that one da.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely a great idea...

I think I want to do that too, when I have kids :)

Petite Carousel said...

I take lots and lots of pictures! =)

Long live google ;)

L. Eleana Johnson said...

This is an awesome idea! I wish my mom had done something like this for me. They will be so happy to open up your mail one day.

Unplanned Cooking said...

That is such a great idea! I often shoot my husband a quick email about the funny things our kids did that day. And now I can cc them on it for posterity's sake :).

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