Tuesday, October 26, 2010

15 Signs You'll Be Rich.

via The Daily Beast
Anneli Rufus recently published an article on The Daily Beast listing 15 ways to predict future net worth. I found a few of the items amusing {being blond - yea!}, a few puzzling {truly, being Russian?} and a few sad {if you were born short, ugly and poor you truly have no chance}. 

Here is a summary of the 15 Signs You'll Be Rich:

1. Being attractive.
2. Being smart.
3. Being popular in high school.
4. Graduating from Princeton or Dartmouth.
5. Being taller.
6. Being married and staying married.
7. Drinking and being social.
8. Earning a petroleum engineering degree (opposed to child studies)
9. Having a low BMI (body mass index).
10. Being of Russian ancestry.
11.  Making real estate investments at a young age.
12. Being a blond woman.
13. Being a nonsmoker.
14. Being born rich.
15. Being born rich + earning a college degree.

I personally claim 9 out of the 15 attributes. So, do I have a 60% likelihood of being rich? Or does throwing in the towel on your legal career choosing to stay at home with the kids somehow undercut my otherwise somewhat positive odds?!

What are your odds?

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