Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A jacket a day keeps the mommy-blues away.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love being a mom but I hate always looking like a mom. If you are reading this post wearing sweats, please take no offense. I am writing this post in a running skirt (though I neglected to go on a morning run) and a grey t-shirt with my hair pulled back (my apologies for the hideous visual now stuck in your head).  

Point being, sometimes we need to cut corners to appear stylish or put-together or even sane. Here is one of my favorite all-time style-me tricks: jackets. Add a jacket over your stained crisp white t-shirt and jeans and voila -- instant chic. 

If you have time to pull on a pair of great boots in addition, people will undoubtedly start to talk.  

I stumbled in to Old Navy the other day to pick up a fleece for My Shadow (they offer a surprising number of options for pooches) and was completely astounded to find an amazing display of up-to-date outerwear

Honestly, it was like a mirage.

A gorgeous orange pea coat. 

A toasty french roast double-breasted jacket.

A violet ruffle-collar swing coat.

A leather (not pleather) motor-cross jacket.

A fur-collared (yes, faux) trench.

A pop-of-unexpected-color twill trench!

And if all that weren't enough, a candy-apple red ruffle-front jacket! 

Seen on AnnaLynne McCord in NYC.
See what I mean?! Instant chic. 
Long, flowing, perfectly-styled waves optional!

So how's a girl to choose? 
At these prices ($52 - $199), why choose! 

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