Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tory Trike.

I received my Neiman Marcus Christmas Book today. Always a fun indulgence to see what crazy gift suggestions they've concocted this year. I nearly choked on a cashew, however, when I saw this Tory Burch Trike. For $4,500.

Tory, I will buy your $200 revas without pause, but truly, who is willing to throw down nearly $5k for a trike?! Gorgeous ikat notwithstanding. I expected better from you. This little bit of whimsy goes a little bit too far.

What do you think? Anyone lining up to get your hands on this luscious trike?


Crystal said...

Truly adorable but $200 max!! When I look through things like that it almost depresses me....people are starving, our economy is in shambles, war abounds everywhere....and people can spend $4500 on...a...trike!


Connie said...

That's a little bit crazy! But I suppose some people have the cash for that sort of thing!

Beth said...

Well, it IS pretty fabulous. However, I can think of a whole lot of other things to use that sort of money on.

mdforkids said...

Oh yeah, Santa could you please bring me one? That just looks relaxing. But..for that much money?! I won't hold my breath :)

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

Update: I read late last night that it is motorized! This is now indulgent in an entirely different way but it made me feel like the price tag was not quite as crazy as I initially thought!! I'd basically a large moped!

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