Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here's the Beef

50 States, 50 Burgers. The foodies from the Food Network have traveled from sea to shining sea to sample burgers across this great nation. The winners from each state of displayed on a cute interactive map. What a great idea, and why in the world can't I have that job - traveling the country sampling burgers. Yum. Scratch that. I'd weigh 500 pounds and have an ever-present greasy smile. To view the map and see who won in your state, click here.

In Texas, Perini Ranch took the prize. Tom Perini is my step-mother-in-law's ex-husband and my step-sister-in-law's dad. Despite that, we are huge Perini Ranch fans. Unfortunately, we live much too far away to visit regularly. I lieu of a visit to the ranch, however, we have a little bit of the ranch sent to us in the form their delicious tenderloin. It is out of this world! I would not mislead (very strange family connection notwithstanding). It is literally one of the most magnificent pieces of meat I have ever tasted. Absolute perfection. It has received awards and acolades galore so don't just take my word for it.

I serve it every year for Christmas Eve dinner with twice baked potatoes and a salad or with roasted tomatoes and asparagus and rolls. Easy but very elegant. It truly is the perfect dinner party entree -- already cooked and served perfectly at room temperature. We also give them as Christmas gifts to a few friends and business colleagues (note I said "a few" - they are pricey so don't be offended if one does not land on your doorstep this Christmas).

Wow!  Anyone else is hungry now? 
Do click on the map and let me know if you agree with their choice for your state!


Unknown said...

I got an award and passing it on to you!
check it out

Janet said...

My boyfriend would love this 50 Burgers thing and want to travel around and taste them all. I swear, I've eaten more burgers in the last 4 years than ever in my life!

Stopping by from our SITS Flippers tribe!

cailen ascher said...

very cool. thanks for sharing the map!!

ps i'm in your "tribe". hi!

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

Thank you, Nay! So nice to be appreciated!

Audra Michelle said...

Yummm! Good thing I am eating my dinner or else I'd be drooling!

Connie said...

I'm going to have to check out the Colorado choice....

I did have the Wisconsin choice last year...went there because of the article you linked to. AND it was amazing! Burger and Brat patty on a Pretzel roll.

Unknown said...

stopping by from the SITS flipper tribe. I am your newest follower and looking forward to reading more of your posts.

No Longer 25 said...

This is such a great idea making a map of the best burgers. We could do with one of those in the UK. I love burgers - this post is making me so hungry.

I may have to check out the Colorado choice when I'm over there later in the month.

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