Tuesday, February 5, 2013

THE shoe of the season.

A bit. 

But I'm more or less at terms with who I am and where I am in life. I do, as you know, occasionally wonder whether or not I can pull off a romper or shiny jeans. I fear, however, this is more demonstrative of my well-instilled {possibly misplaced} confidence than of my internal aging struggle. 

I strive to strike the balance between aging gracefully and staying current / relevant. I often say I blog because it keeps me in tune with so much of the world to which I would not otherwise be exposed. 

Until today I thought that a good thing. 

Today, however, my {barely a whisper} internal aging dialog become a booming, cackling laugh in the back of my head. All this was brought to bear by a darling young blogger {who shall remain nameless} who was super jazzed {that's my old word, not her young word which I cannot remember - because I'm old} about her new wedge high tops. 

Say what? 
Isabel Marant via Net-a-Porter
And get this:  They cost $640. 

US Dollars, not Pesos. 

I wrongly assumed this was a designer-gone-wild incident and this blogger a rogue fashionista. 

But oh no, this is the shoe of the season


Plenty of options at Piperlime

I'm speechless. 

Well, nearly. 

It is not as if this is the first trend I refuse to embrace. I'm not a trendy girl. I naturally gravitate towards the classics {only occasionally with a twist}.  

This is simply the first trend that made me think someone is playing a cruel, cruel joke on young girls by reinventing the hightop as a wedge and charging outrageous amounts of money for the privilege of looking hip {or ridiculous depending on your point of view}. 

And so today it is resolved: I am old and proud of it. I do not need to ask whether or not I can pull off the wedge high top. No input from my gracious readers is required. I am now quite ready to sit back and giggle at the trends as they pass me by. 

So from my comfy chair far, far away from Fashion Week I say, "Sport your sneakers and rock your heels. Just don't try to do it at the same time." 

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