Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New York City Girls' Trip

After Christmas Little Miss Thang and I took a girls' trip to New York City. Our family travels fairly frequently and our kids have always been relatively good travelers, but my Little Miss Thang hit her stride on this trip. 

As I've noted before, traveling with just one child is a walk in the park. And while Little Miss Thang is {almost} always a joy, she is absolutely delightful with her twin brother 2,000 miles away! 

Even at midnight and after walking all day long! 

Me and Little Miss Thang in front of the Rockefeller Center tree
She honestly surprised me at every turn.

Adding up her American Girl purchases to ensure she was within her gift card amount. 
Insisting we must shop for clothes for me too. {Well, if you insist!}

Putting her napkin on her lap at every meal and using manners that would make the manner Nazi {the Hubs} proud. 
Waiting for tea at the Plaza {only picture without our coats}
Waiting in an excruciating long line in freezing temps to see the 9/11 Memorial without complaint.

Getting started every day by 8:30 am though we'd only turned the lights out at 12:30 am. {We'll sleep when we get home}. 
Times Square ~ way too late ~ and with a nice photo bomb.
Waiting patiently at dinner to join the conversation as six women inevitably jockey for the next word.

The whole gang - MIL and her daughter, Hub's Aunt and her daughter,
with  Little Miss Thang and me. 
Recognizing on her own that Rockefeller Center skating rink is overcrowded and overrated. 

Skating in Central Park {yes, I'm wearing two jackets it's so cold}

Managing long days and load and loads of walking, without complaint, as if we do it every day!

Lady Liberty
Marveling at the "snow fall" {read: sleet} that fell our first day.  I was miserably cold, but Little Miss Thang was in heaven!

Five years ago I was having a small dinner party when, sua sponte, Little Miss Thang announced to our friends: I want to live in NYC one day. We had no idea what prompted such an exclamation from a four year old, but smiled at her big city dreams. 

After visiting, marveling at the vastness {this is all Saks, all nine stories?}, experiencing the diversity {that's not Spanish!}, eating really good food at really nice restaurants, Little Miss Thang's four-year-old impulse was reignited. "Yes," she exclaimed, while busting ahead of the tourists not crossing at the crosswalk the millisecond before the light turns, "I am going to live in NYC!"  

I have no doubt. 


Favorites this trip:
Musical:  Wicked
Dinner:  Benoit
Shopping: The Muppet Workshop at FAO Schwarz


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