Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pinteresting Valentines.

I have undoubtedly learned quite a bit from Pinterest. Quite frankly, Pinterest is my favorite form of social media {but please don't tell Instagram, a close second}. 

Mostly, I conclude, because it adds tangible value to my life. Other forms of social media add value in terms of interaction with friends, but Pinterest actually inspires me to do more {which you will then undoubtedly see if you follow my Instagram feed}. 

I meal plan. I make homemade ricotta. I am inspired to set a beautiful holiday table. I redecorate my kids' bedrooms {happening now}. I consider new pillows for the living room and new plants for my urns. I bake more. I bake more. And I bake more. 

Quite simply, Pinterest is a crucial tool for a challenged homemaker such as myself. 

You see, I am not creative in the least. Original, creative ideas do not bloom in my feeble mind. I simply copy others' ideas and impress my few friends who are not on Pinterest.

But I also fear I've morphed into one of those moms. You know who I mean. You were already thinking it -- the mom whose kids show up with the perfect Valentine's treat. The mom whose Valentine's box looks as if Martha Stewart made a house call.

No, I don't fancy myself a Martha Stewart-like maven. Again, I'm just copying others, but I nonetheless feel the glares on the back of my head from the other moms at school. The ones whose daughters show up with a common Valentine's box covered in stickers.

I'm sorry, moms. I swear I do have better things to do. Many, many other things in fact, all of which were put on the back burner this weekend while we created the perfect Valentine's boxes and treats. Oh, and I baked. 

The Valentines inspiration:

all photos via Pinterest {except my duo below}

The cookies I made to kick-start our Valentine's week!
I kid you not.

Boy Genius's box inspiration and inspired candy of choice. 

Little Miss Thang's box inspiration and treats of choice. 
Pop Rocks for boys and homemade friendship bracelets for girls.

I've also pinned meal inspiration for the our family celebration. But I won't show that now so as not to ruin the surprise for the Hubs {hey babe!}. 

So, yes, I am that mom. 

I am the mom who will stay up late at night meticulously formatting the stickers for the bubble tape. I am the mom that spends a good portion of a Saturday afternoon helping her kids make their chosen Valentine's box. 

And yes, I am that mom that makes heart pancakes for the entire class on Valentine's morning. And then serves spaghetti and meatballs at lunch. 

Because, I can.  

I am not that mom to make other moms feel better or worse about themselves as a mom. 

In fact, it has nothing at all to do with other moms, but everything to do with this: 

Are you that mom too?

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