Friday, November 16, 2012

Jean pool.

I was told recently, by a much younger and chicer friend, that shiny jeans are the must-have item of the season. And here I thought it was more leopard pieces. I'm always miserably behind. 

And speaking of my miserable behind, I'm not sure drawing attention to it with shiny jeans is really my best choice. But I do think they are super cute for a holiday party or date night with the hubs.  

Much akin to my romper debacle this summer {no, I never did find a romper I felt appropriate on my frame}, I seek your honest opinion. Is this fool's errand? Or as Jody would say, would I be a mutton in lamb's clothing?

I need the sage advice of {internet strangers and} friends.  

Because if left to my own devices, I may fall prey to those bronze numbers. 

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