Monday, February 25, 2013


In the beginning {of my blog, not the world} I posted six to seven times a week.  Eventually the adrenaline wore off and I slowed to five.

I held steady at that level for some time.

But then eventually fell to 2-3.

Now, however, I feel challenged to post even once a week. 

Why is that? 

Life has changed, for certain, but I think there is more underlining this blog-dying-slowly movement I'm witnessing. 

I offer a few explanations: 

1.  I had years of stories built up when I started. I had emotions that I needed to work through. Writing was integral in that process for me. Now I have to wait weeks, or sometimes a month, for anything blog-worthy to share. We are a fairly run-of-the-mill family. We do all the same things you do in any given week -- which never seems boring at the time -- but I realize no one wants to read about the mundane if I can't add an interesting twist to it. I don't even want to write about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite enjoying this calm period in life. Truly. It is just not good blog fodder.   

2. I'm learning to be still. Surprising, I know. But I've realized over the years that filling my world with more and more and more and more does not make be happier; just busier. I've said "no!" more the past few years. I've kept commitments I enjoy and shed a few others that do not add to my joy. I have most certainly made strides in not adding to my plate simply so I can insist to others that my plate is full. Feeling the need to "blog" is not something I do just so I have something to "do." I do not glorify busyness. Some days my plate is not full. I'm proud of such days and think I will have truly arrived when I maintain a standing bi-monthly facial and manicure. 

3. I want to move more and sit less. I started this blog in my 30s {late 30s for those who are counting}. Now I'm well into my 40s. I love my 40s, but my "you must have a tapeworm" metabolism seems to have failed me. I need to exercise more and sit on my butt less. I'd like to think I'm motivated by a quest to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but if we are being honest here {we are, right?}, it's mainly because I have amassed a pretty nice wardrobe in one size. Changing sizes is absolutely unthinkable. 

Yes, I realize 2 and 3 appear contradictory, but hopefully you can see why both are important. 

4. I've said this before and you've undoubtedly read it elsewhere, but my children's stories are no longer something that can be told over the loudspeaker of the internet. They deserve some privacy. As does my husband. And my friends. What does that leave? I could blog about my travails in again chairing the silent auction at my kids' school. I know you love when I get on a good rant. Look for that sometime mid-April.

5. I refuse to rant about politics. I want to. I have lots of opinions you don't want to hear. I could almost certainly ostracize the majority of my readers, but it just doesn't seem to fit my brand of whimsy. So, all that political mumbo-jumbo swirling around in my head will just have to stay there. But if you want to chat / debate just let me know. I'll gladly unleash on anyone willing. But only those willing. The rest of you are safe.

6. Pinterest ruined me. True. I've thought this many times. I used to share a cute item, cool saying, a fantasy vacation photo, or just a great recipe I found on the internet. It just felt right to share the folly and helped provide fodder when life did not. I can still do that, I realize, but pinning it is so much easier and you don't really need my commentary. It feels a little cheap to just post a quote now. They are a dime a dozen on Pinterest. I've always enjoyed providing fresh content.

7. I've not pursued freelance writing. That is the next step for a blogger. I've watched as many, many bloggy friends tred and then dive into the freelance writing market. I've not even dipped my toe in the waters. Truly, I like writing for me. When I feel like writing. Anything else is work. Refer back to #2.

8. Dinners this Week as a feature was a hit, but honestly, I repeat the same recipes so often now I cannot bear to post if for you all to see. Pork tenderloin and lemon chicken again?! Yes. Nearly ever week. I'm in a dinner rut too. Do you think the dinner rut and bloggy rut are connected? Free counseling is welcome. Comments are open.

I apologize to those of you who find my lack of  motivation to entertain you with more frequency sad. Inspire me. Kidnap me and take me on a high seas adventure. That would be blog-worthy. But having a sick kid at home again today {which I how I found the time to type this tirade} is not.

To those of you who faithfully read whatever I post whenever I post:  Thank you.

I hope I surprise you from time to time with something worthy of the time you've invested in me!


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