Thursday, February 17, 2011

Virtual Guide to Airline Travel.

Traveling, or more specifically, traveling on a budget should be an Olympic sport. There are a plethora of websites offering "the very best" deals. The possibilities are endless. Which is why it is nearly impossible to compare apples to apples even when line up the fares back-to-back. There are bag fees on some, but not all carriers (thank you Southwest!). Additionally, the fees vary from carrier to carrier. And I simply cannot remember which is which and how much they each charge. 

Today I was booking flights for a trip to Florida. Continental was $83 cheaper than Southwest, but now that the Hubs has lost his Platinum status on Continental {insert pathetic sobs} we'll not only be sitting in coach *GASP* but paying to check four suitcases?!  

I would love to think we'd just carry-on. It sounds so savvy and jet-setter-ish. But here's the thing: I'm not a jet-setter. I don't get away too often and when I do I take every outfit I can pack into my 45 inch piece of luggage. Yes, I often have the "HEAVY" sticker slapped upon my bag. It's not pretty. Nor I am as I hoist it off the conveyor belt while trying not to knock-out one of my kids who inevitably wants to "help."  

But I digress. 

I found this nifty little chart today that shows fees charged by various airlines for the first bag, the second bag {my "heavy" bag is saving me another $30 I now defensively note}, and other helpful bits such as what items can be gate checked and which must be checked at the counter.

It's a handy little addition to my virtual travel file and I thought you may like it too.

I'm generous like that. But stay away from my free drink coupons.  I hear I'll need to use them in coach.

Click on the image to enlarge.  

via Best Travel Deals Blog

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