Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Can you do nothing for 2 minutes?

Five and a half years ago, a British university student named Alex Tew created an Internet sensation by launching the Million Dollar Homepage. But Tew’s new website, Do Nothing for 2 Minutes, is actually much more compelling.

The instructions couldn’t be simpler: “Just relax and listen to the waves." “Don’t touch your mouse or keyboard.” And clearly, walking away from your computer is considered cheating. Depending on your temperament and tendencies towards fidgeting, this may be easier said than done. 

I failed my first few attempts. My TweetDeck was beeping in the background. The dogs were barking at the dry cleaner delivery guy {yes, I have our dry cleaning delivered -- free service}. Suffice to say, life was going on around me. But then I found my groove. Unfortunately, once in my groove I thought I needed louder waves so I increased the volume. Ugh - that made the waves louder, indeed, but the ticker started over at 2  minutes. And flashed a red FAIL. Rude.

It truly is harder than it sounds in this age of constant motion and instant everything. 

But eventually I was able to calm my head and sit completely still and quiet for two minutes. Should it be that hard?!  And what does it say about our society {or maybe just me} that it is my computer that forces me to be still for a couple minutes?!

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