Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crank it up!

via I Listen to Everything
If you are like me you have stopped keeping up with the latest music or hottest artists {unless, of course, you count Phineas & Ferb, which I hope you do not}. I know the big ones that are played every time I'm running carpool, but beyond that I find myself in a music abyss. 

I love music, though. Or rather, I love having a great playlist for exercising or entertaining or hanging out on a cold, cold winter's afternoon.  

Basically, I want to be cool even though I clearly am not cool {please don't tell my kids - I think I still have at least another year before they discover this sad fact}.

I Listen to Everything provides just that -- a cool list of music for every occasion. Cool people who pick and organize current music into handy little playlists - I LOVE IT! 

Here is their Workout Playlist:

Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa
(As far as unofficial team songs go, it sure beats “Go Pack Go.”)

Safari Disco Club,” by Yelle
(Aerobics 5-6 p.m.)

Get Some,” by Lykke Li
(Drop and give us twenty. Okay, just ten.)

The Amplifetes,” by Whizz Kid
(An alternative to that energy drink.)

Bright Lights Bigger City,” by Cee-Lo Green
(Biggest biceps.)

Modern Lover (Original Mix),” by Black Cherry
(Keep your eye on the prize.)

Colours (Captain Cuts Remix),” by Grouplove
(Think of all the spandex.)

Shake Me,” by Taddy Porter
(Like an old-school vibrating-belt machine.)

Hot Mess,” by Chromeo (featuring La Roux)
(Not everyone looks perfect post-Piloxing.)

On and On,” by Girl Talk
(Kind of like the treadmill.)

Young Blood,” by The Naked and Famous
(See you in the locker room.)

Who Dat,” by J. Cole
(Nice six-pack.)

Marathon,” by Tennis
(Cool it now.)

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