Monday, February 21, 2011


It has been too long. Much too long since I have gone away with girl friends. I adore my duo and the hubs, but there is something special about going away with just friends. Especially friends who have known you since you looked like this:

You just know they love you. Truly, there is no other explanation. 

And I'm not sure if you noticed {you may be too distracted by the perm gone awry - I was hoping for Farrah Fawcett but think the stylist hated me} but I was fashionable enough to wear a strawberry pin on the lapel of my very colorful fruit shirt. Sassy. But what you can't see is perhaps my favorite part: shiny purple pants. It was 1980 after all. I was just coming into my own and stretching my fashion legs {clearly a little too far}!

Back to the point:  they are very, very good friends. Friends who I have known for three decades but some of whom I haven't seen in years. I am looking forward to reconnecting. Spending long days and nights talking and shopping and eating and talking and eating and drinking and talking. 

Obviously, though, my family is attempting to sabotage my plans. My Little Guy has been home sick with a fever since Friday morning. I think / hope / pray the fever broke last night and we are through the worst of it. 

But you know how this goes: Little Miss Thang will fall tomorrow or Tuesday. And my immune system will inevitably give in on Wednesday or Thursday. Just in time. And while these friends adore me, I am pretty sure they do not adore feverish, coughing, sniffling, barfing me. 

So, you see, my family is sabotaging my plans. 

They've clearly been planning this for weeks.  

And their timing is impeccable. I think my throat is a bit sore already. 


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