Monday, September 13, 2010

A day in reverse.

Sunday was a glorious day. It was a day in reverse. And I loved it in reverse.

We are church people. We are generally in our pew by 9:00 am. Yesterday, however, our church celebrated it's 150th anniversary and our regular service was moved to 5:00 pm for a celebratory service. So our day was reversed -- relax in the morning, church in the evening. And given that we never get to "relax" on Sunday morning, I was completely enthralled by the concept of staying in my jammies with my coffee and the paper. For hours. Or at least, that is what I had planned.  

The hubs, however, thought we should take a bike ride. I said no thanks, you take the kids. It is still super hot and humid and I hadn't even had a full cup of coffee. Who would blame me, right?! Then my little miss thang (who is suffering from a bit of a head cold) looked at me and said, "pleaseeeeee, Mommy, it won't be a family bike ride without you." Dagger to the heart. So, of course, I put down my still hot cup of coffee and folded paper and found the energy to join them for a touch of fresh air. What we found along the way completed unexpected. The bay was calm. The air was still. The water was just barely rippling. The sea gulls, also oppressed by the heat, sat still on their perch. 

To our surprise, as we cruised down our Ocean Drive path, we noticed dolphins frolicking just off the coast. Maybe thirty feet out past the sea gulls.  No, I was not able to capture it on film. By the time my sweet hubs biked home, retrieved my camera and returned to this spot, they were too far to catch. But the beauty of the day is evident still. 

We sat and watched the dolphins make their journey down the coast. We encouraged other passing families to do the same. Within only a few minutes most of the bikers, runners and other passing by had stopped, sat and watched as the dolphins made their gentle glide in and out of the water. It was not a once in a lifetime sighting, but a magical and unexpected family moment nonetheless. And it was a wonderful start to our day in reverse. God took our relaxing Sunday morning and taught us a little something we didn't expect:  take advantage of every moment and be amazed, constantly amazed, by creation.  

When we returned to our house a little overheated boy jumped straight into the pool. He immediately discovered a froglet (his word, not mine) "floating"near the edge. He saved the little guy and reunited him with his "mother" (read: a larger frog we found in the front yard). My little guy absolutely loves animals. Frogs top the list. Saving this little froglet made his day. He was still talking about it at dinner time. Of course, he had completely forgotten about the dolphins, but I suppose it's only appropriate. Maybe God was only speaking to me through the dolphins. If you want to impress the heart of a seven year old boy, you clearly use a frog.  Err, rather, froglet. 


Katie Lane said...

What a lovely day. That frog is SO TINY!!!

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

It was itty bitty. I was amazed it was alive.

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