Thursday, September 30, 2010


Tonight was date night.  We attended a mixer at the Art Museum.  We chatted with friends. We had a couple few drinks. We looked at some amazing pieces of art. We connected. Because we love each other. We connected because we want to always love each other.  I snapped this shot right before I headed up stairs for the night. I ditched my heels as soon as we entered the house.  Seriously cute shoes, but completely impracticable. Last time I was in NYC these very shoes made me cry (I kid you not!). But it was date night, so I wore the shoes.
Because, did I mention, I want to be in love. 
With my husband. The father of my children.  Forever.  
I don't take this for granted. I don't. There may have been a time when I did. This is not such a time. So, we had a date night. There are flowers -- because every girl deserves flowers -- and fancy shoes -- because men cannot resist a woman in heels, especially snake skin heels. Enough said.  

Happy Friday, friends!  I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Allison said...

I like this post and the picture! The shoes are adorable, but I can see why you'd throw them off first thing! Sounds like you two had a fantastic night! Reconnecting can be an amazing feeling!
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vanita said...

this is a lovely post. hubby and i have "work days" every two weeks where we ditch the kids with grandma and spend hours of just him and me. it's wonderful being in love. i've got to try the heels or at least get back into wearing my hooker boots. :-D this one post will have me coming back. will follow too! if you stop by my blog, checkout my post, NoTell Motel to the Rescue. It's listed under Married with Kids.

Ali said...

it doesn't matter if the shoes make you cry as long as they're HAWT! i'm glad to see you have your priorities straight! ;)

L. Eleana Johnson said...

This is so beautiful! I love this picture. Wearing hot shoes on date night is definitely what men can't resist, especially husbands, lol! Although the shoes hurt, it just lets him know how much you love him. Glad you had fun on date night!

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