Thursday, August 4, 2011

Having just one kid is easy.


I said. 

Having just one kid is easy. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

And yes, this is a revelation to me. You see, I've never had just one kid. Mine arrived as a matched set. Two at a time is all I know. And I love two at a time. I do. But I'm crazy like that -- I also love having three dogs though it makes my house a complete circus. 

But back to kids. Just one kid requires so much less attention. Such much less energy. 

We hike to waterfalls with no complaint. There is no race to the top or the bottom. No screaming about who cut in front of who.

No one has to jockey for position next to mom. I'm all yours - take your pick of the left side or right!

We can enjoy our surroundings and simply marvel at God's creation. Boy Genius is happy to marvel too. And without that ever-present competitive edge involved, marveling can last more than 20 seconds before you hear "what's next."

We talk and I hear what he says. Ever word. And I am utterly amazed that he has so much to say. I suppose he's simply never before been given the opportunity to speak without interruption. Conversations with just one child can be quite enjoyable I've learned.

And, perhaps the best part, the hubs and I can enjoy a quiet hour or two on the porch talking, enjoying our wine and the amazing weather without interruption. You see, there are no fights to mediate with just one child. 

Said child can happily build a log cabin out of legos. 

He is happy to read a book while the hubs takes a mid-day siesta. 

He is simply happy at each and every moment of the day.

So is it really easy having just one child or is it just this one child?

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