Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome home indeed.

It is always hard to get away -- finding the time, making the 
arrangements, justifying the expense. 

But we need deserve it. 

And I truly believe we all benefit from the perspective gained by spending a few days away. A few days with friends who do not expect us to wipe their runny noses {though my BFF did ask me to get out of bed to fetch water . . . by promising to be my BFF}. 

It is refreshing and renewing. 

And I love the entire family even more upon my return 
{though it's hard to believe that is even possible}! 
That did not surprise me, but this did: 


I suppose she needed a little perspective too! 
A little time away from me to appreciate me

I suppose it only makes sense that it works both ways. 

So, I'm now planning another trip for next weekend.  
Apparently my absence brings out the best in Little Miss Thang!

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