Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oxygen therapy.

Anthropologie in London
I read a little bit the other day about an Anthropologie store in London with a huge green living wall. Huge -- spaning over 3 amazing floors. Very impressive.

Now I've started noticing green or living walls in all sorts of applications and all over the globe {all via the internet, of course}.


Sky Farm in Toronto
This takes green living to an entirely new level. Fifty-eight stories to be exact. Amazing!  That building in Toronto provides 8 million square feet of agricultural space.  {images via}

I love the thought and look of these, especially in urban settings where greenery is scarce.

For those who want to embrace the concept without the expense of commercial installation, you can start with just a few vertical planters by yard lover.

The effect, even in small doses, is amazing don't you think?

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