Monday, March 28, 2011

All tied up!

I live in a windy city. Not the windy city, but a very windy city nonetheless. Especially in the spring. The last few days winds gust have reached 35 mph. And that's not just one gust. It's like that all day! All day, people.  

So you can imagine how my hair must look. Absolutely hideous. 

Sorry to strap you with that mental image, but truly, it is impossible to have long, gorgeous locks in 35 mph wind gusts.

My point {yes, I have one}: I often wear my hair in a low pony. And by often, I mean by at least 2 pm every day it is pulled back. Some days just straight away. And I've tried every hair tie on the market - fancy, drug store - you name, I've tried it.

Some pull, some break.

Some just give me a headache.

(please note the rhyme there - watch out Dr. Seuss).

Anyway, I discovered this darling little company called Emi-Jay that designs hair ties that won't rip hair or {drumroll please} leave dents!!! 

And I wouldn't normally blog out a new hair tie (though dog poop bags are  clearly par for the course), but this "little" company I reference was started by two 15 year old girls, Emily Matson and Julianne Goldmark. How cute is that?

And a portion of the proceeds from every sale benefit one of the following charities:
  • Locks of Love
  • Project Knapsack
  • Toys for Tots
  • Partners in Health/Haiti
  • The Zimmer Children's Museum
  • Operation Smile
  • Melanoma Research Foundation
  • Carol M. Baldwin Cancer Research Foundation
Love that!

I now own a 3-pack of bronze  Emi-Jay hair ties. 

Of course, Little Miss Thang has already high-jacked one. And wears it most days as a bracelet!

Just so long as she doesn't start borrowing shoes, we'll be just fine.

Check out Emi-Jay here.  

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