Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Maybe fairies are real!

Months ago I shared a story about my darling little miss thang questioning whether fairies were real {required reading to set the stage}. 

Suffice to say, we have been teetering on the end of innocence for some time now. She questions absolutely everything, but yet, really wants to believe. It seems she is both yearning to be younger and more mature all at the same time. I suppose this is only the beginning of the madly confusing tween years.   

So today while I made pies and cookies in the kitchen, my duo was outside and clearly up to something. At first I honestly didn't care. There were not parked in front of the TV and no one was screaming. 

I didn't check on them for some time, but when I did I discovered this.

I often worry when I see the two colluding. 
Twins can gang up on you. And sometimes it's better to just let them be.  
The jumble around the tree made me curious, however, so I ventured closer. 

Little miss thang explained that she made a fairy trap.  

Of course.  
Though, I didn't know we trapped fairies. 
Aren't they magic? 
Wouldn't they just magically escape?

Well, this isn't just any fairy trap.  
There is a welcome sign and custom bedding and pillow.

What fairy wouldn't want to call it home?!
We left it all day and overnight.
In the morning, however, this is what we found. 

A lizard. 
A cute, baby lizard who clearly can't read the "faries only" sign. 

My little guy was ecstatic. 
Little miss thang not so much. 

I wish I'd thought to run outside late last night and at least sprinkle sparkles around the trap {irrefutable evidence that a fairy at least visited}. But I didn't. And she later dismantled the trap. So, after the ineffective fairy trap I was not sure where we stood on the "fairy" issue. Believer or non-believer? I just never know with her. 

Then tonight I was handed her letter to Santa {truly an entire post in and of itself} which lists {among many other things} "a real fairy". (emphasis hers)

Well, I certainly appreciate her persistence and resourcefulness -- if she can't trap one, she'll just ask Santa to bring her one. Much easier. 

And Santa has performed really, really well to date. Of course his biggest challenge to date was a vanity at age 3. Santa can make darling pink vanity, but a real fairy?!


So, if I don't come up with a very, very good explanation or a real fairy on Christmas morning, this may well be the end of both Santa, the fairies and me! 

Any fabulous advice for perpetuating the myths? I really need the innocence to linger just a bit longer. I've seen what lurks on the other side of the innocence and it is not near as enchanting as fairy traps!

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