Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tweet you.

I've officially started tweeting or using Twitter or being a tweep {you pick}.  You can find me {and follow me} at Twitter.com/amyeatlivelaugh.  

via FFFFound!
I'm learning much about the Twitterverse. Many refer to it as a micro-blog. Micro, indeed. I can scarcely say much of anything in 140 words, much less 140 characters. Brevity is clearly not as challenging for all -- the Twitterverse is a bevy of activity and, I've found, is an interesting way to communicate with others. And by "others" I mean, people I do not know in person. 

Twitter is like one huge social media cocktail party. One that never ends. You mix and mingle with people from different backgrounds and lifestyles. In real time. And while everyone is watching. You talk about everything from your new vacuum to your annoying in-laws to bloggy business and everything in between.

You find some people interesting and engaging. Others not so much. You are unsure of what conversations to join -- will they think it strange that I barged in on that conversation -- but feel silly letting the conversation just go on around you.

I'm still a wallflower in the back of the room clutching my drink and wondering which conversations I want to join. I have not yet found my tweeting-voice. It's incredibly intimidating and strangely fascinating all at the same time.

Do you tweet? Do you find yourself tweeting throughout the day or do you just allow a certain part of your day for engaging with your Tweeps? Do tell.  This newbie needs some tweet advice.

Oh, and I will most certainly tweet about this.  

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