Monday, November 8, 2010

Day Light Saving Time - My love-hate relationship.

I am not a morning girl. I prefer a 7 o'clock wake-up. And if left entirely to my own devices, I'm certain I would never again actually see 7 am. Of course, my life refuses to allow me the rest I deserve. The past few weeks have been especially trying because it has been just so darn dark when my alarm enters my lovely early-morning dreams and coaxes me out of my slumber. 

Pitch black at 6:30 am. 

My body thinks it should stay in bed until light seeps through the windows. At least until the sun has met the horizon. But such luxurious thoughts only delay the impending morning rush. So I slither from bed, brush my teeth, feed my duo, pack lunches and dash out the door to find this: 
Wow! Absolutely amazing {not my amateurish photo, but the sun rising over the water}. What an amazing way to start the day. Every day.

So as I bid adieu to day light saving time, I do so with a heavy heart. I do enjoy waking to daylight. It just feels right. But I admit, missing this view today on my way to take the kids to school felt like a steep price to pay. I'm not actually getting more sleep and now I miss the spectacular display each morning. 

Maybe I just need to learn to be a morning girl after all.  

Which do you prefer -- the long days provided by day light savings time or our short winter days?

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